Self Loan Station

FE Technologies offers three Self Loan Stations, all featuring the most customisable software that you can design to create the best patron experience in your library.

The touchscreen interface is designed to provide patrons with a quick and simple way to conduct a transaction without requiring intervention from staff. The Self Loan Station is engineered specifically for use by patrons of all ages and literacy levels and is extremely simple to use.  The workflows feature large pictorial buttons, diagrams and easy to follow animations. Most transactions are performed in three steps or less.

The borrowing process is extremely simple and intuitive.  The workflow (the steps that a patron takes to perform a transaction) is completely customisable – we can provide you one of several “out of the box” solutions or you can create your own.  And library staff can perform changes to the workflows themselves without requiring our involvement.

Here’s how a typical borrowing workflow would look:

  • The patron scans their membership card
  • They select “Borrow Items”
  • They place up to 15 items on the reader pad.
  • The items are displayed by title as correctly checked out with a green “tick” mark next to them
  • The patron selects “Exit” (with or without a printed or emailed receipt).

All of the library’s business rules such as borrowing restrictions, length of loan, etc are followed during the transaction.