Touchfree Self Loan with RFID Sensor Control

FE Technologies a touchfree workflow that provides a comfortable user experince for both old and millenial users. 

The current FE  technology software allows libraries to customize their workflows.  Right now libraries are able to customize their workflow on how a patron starts a transaction; normally the patron would touch the screen but you can set it to scan a library card.  The library right now out the box can start a transaction by getting a patron to scan their library card then the self loan station can go straight into a borrowing screen. The patron is asked  to place their items on the RFID pad. To end the transaction a timer is set after which the transaction is terminated and a receipt printed.

By waiting for the transaction to end the user experience is very disjointed as the patron does not have control over the transaction. It is too fast for older patrons and too slow for millennials.

Our development team is currently completing a new feature  “RFID Sensor Control”  that  gives  you real-time transaction flow. What does this mean ? That the transaction ends when the patron removes the books from the Self-Loan Station.

This is FREE to any libraries using FE Technologies RFID self loan stations.