Support and Maintenance

At FE Technologies, we understand the requirement for your RFID equipment to be performing its best day after day in your busy library.  So we offer our customers the most comprehensive and reliable support system on the market.


Maintenance for all of FE Technologies’ RFID products including hardware and software is provided free of charge for the first 12 months with our Warranty and Support Agreement. Additional years maintenance are also available.

Meet the team!

In the United States our head office in Texas houses our Technical Support Team of 4 experienced Technical Support Officers including a Support Coordinator, all who report to our Support Manager.  Our shifts cover business hours across the country and afterhours and weekend support is also available.

Justin Meisch, Technical Support Officer

Michael Dotson, Technical Support Officer

Cynan McWilliam Support Manager

What’s our Service Level Agreement?

Libraries can lodge a Work Ticket with our Technical Support Team via our online support portal, or via telephone or email.  We’re proud of our 1-hour response time to all Work Tickets, and with a large experienced team of technicians we’ll get you back on track in no time!

Typically we’ll be able to resolve the problem via remote access using tried and tested diagnostics and an online trouble-shooting system that’s designed for first time fixes. Should your equipment require a part replacement or swapout we’ll call in our field partner Fujitsu. Fujitsu and FE Technologies have worked with each other for 15 years; Fujitsu has offices around the country in every state so we’ve got all your library’s branches covered wherever you are.

We’ll have your replacement parts shipped to your library and a Fujitsu service technician will be onsite within 24 hours of the library advising us that the parts have arrived. In conjunction with our Support Technicians the parts replacement is performed by Fujitsu and sign-off received by the relevant person at your library.

Monitoring and reporting our customers’ satisfaction

FE Technologies relies on our excellent service record to obtain references from libraries of all sizes, so our whole team has a vested interest in giving you’re the most outstanding service every time.  We conduct customer satisfactions surveys, after each work ticket is completed and we perform equipment uptime reports so we know we’re on track (with a 99.5% uptime across all devices), and can instantly address any bigger picture problems.

With FE Technologies Support and Service Program your library RFID system is not just a new project, it’s years of reliability and performance for your staff and patrons for many years to come.

How do I lodge a Work Ticket?

FE Technologies provides two ways of logging support tickets in the event that support is required for Libraries:

Give Access to FE Technologies Support :

To allow access for a remote support session first talk to FE Technology support who will provide a connection code then run the GoToAssist client by either:

  • Connect via web download by inserting your code here and following the prompts.