Support and Maintenance

Maintenance for all of FE Technologies’ RFID products including hardware and software is provided free of charge for the first 12 months with our Warranty and Support Agreement. Additional years maintenance are also available.

FE Technologies Customer Care Centre is staffed by experienced Technical Support Officers who are supported by a large research and development team and a quality assurance process that is audited annually for compliance with quality standard ISO9001:2008.

FE Technologies’ Warranty and Support Agreement includes service level agreements for Help Desk calls and logged Work Tickets.

Libraries are able to track their tickets via the online portal. This gives libraries control over their tickets and a system by which they can view the state of their RFID equipment.

We also survey our customers to find out about your experience with our problem resolution system. A Customer Satisfaction Survey is sent out after each completed Work Ticket. If you’re not satisfied the issue will be escalated to the Operations Manager and a fix put in place to ensure complete resolution.

FE Technologies is renowned for its support services. In fact our support team is far greater than that of any of our competitors, and assisted by a daily open work tickets report and a graph showing our current customer satisfaction rating. All our staff have a vested interest in seeing our customers happy!

Logging a Work Ticket

FE Technologies provides two ways of logging support tickets in the event that support is required for Libraries:

Give Access to FE Technologies Support :

To allow access for a remote support session first talk to FE Technology support who will provide a connection code then run the GoToAssist client by either:

  • Connect via web download by inserting your code here and following the prompts.