Project Delivery

A good roadmap executed by a seasoned team greatly increases the chances of a successful project.
FE Technologies has documented each and every step of the journey that library staff will undergo to successfully implement RFID in their library. The installation process has been developed and refined based on experience of installing RFID in over 650 individual branches.

FE Technologies uses a specialised Project Management Team to implement RFID that has direct access to the resources of our Support, Research and Development, Customer Service and Production Teams.

Effective and accurate communication is important to minimise the any delays or risk during your conversion to RFID.

We coordinate your project and include your key stakeholders in a Cloud-based project sharing tool that gives all involved live access to key milestones and any deliverables.

We’ll setup your library’s RFID equipment in the configurations that best suit the architecture and plans of your library, taking into consideration patron movement and staff workflows. We’ll setup your software to achieve maximum functionality via SIP2. A rigorous set of user acceptance tests are performed on each price of equipment that the library signs off on prior to project completion.

We also conduct comprehensive training sessions on each product, designed to familiarize staff with functionality, and help them educate library patrons on how to use the new equipment as well. User guides are provided for each product.