FE Technologies Project Management

FE Technologies has documented each and every step of the journey that library staff will undergo to successfully implement RFID in their library. The installation process has been developed and refined based on experience of installing RFID in over 2000 individual branches, including projects of public libraries of all sizes, university and school libraries; with a site of Self Loan Stations, Security Gates, circulation tools, intelligent returns equipment, automated materials handling solutions, dispensing devices, reservation devices, and more.


We follow the waterfall method of project management.

The Phases of Waterfall Methodology

The Waterfall methodology is broken into seven stages, and each stage is completely dependent on the previous ones. This process can be planned using a Gantt chart, which is a linear bar chart that shows the start and end dates for each task.







Before a team can advance to the next step, the previous stage must be completed, reviewed, and approved. This method originated in industries where change is too costly or time consuming to run into, so the Waterfall methodology gives tight structure to these projects to ensure the most efficiency.

Tagging and conversion

If required we’ll assist you to tag your collection – efficiently, quickly and accurately converting your library to RFID with guaranteed security integrity from day 1 of RFID operations and no false alarms at the security gates. You can perform the tagging inhouse or make use of FE Technologies Tagging and Conversion Project Manager who can completely manage the tagging using outsourced staffing teams.

The team

FE Technologies uses a specialized Project Management Team to implement you RFID project; and the team has direct access to the resources of our Support, Research and Development, Customer Service and Production Teams.

In the US our Project Team is based in Southlake, Texas close to the Fort Worth Airport so we can quickly and easily be at your library to perform onsite project services including a full site inspection and equipment location recommendations; combined with remote meetings.

Dylan Brehm, Project Coordinator

Dylan Brehm is responsible for managing our new installations across the US.  Dylan brings a wealth of experience in administrative project management, high level customer service and relationship management, and a proven attention to detail across a range of tasks.  Dylan has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and is available to all our new customers to assist them through each milestone of their RFID projects.

Courtney Kelsall, Project Coordinator

With many years experience prior specializing in process and workflow improvements, Courtney has been a leading project coordinator having overseen hundreds of projects at FE Technologies of all sizes. Courtney is highly experienced with project logistics, timings, schedules and communication to all stakeholders.

Kylie Hernandez, Customer Service Coordinator

Kylie is on hand in our Texas office to assist with day to day queries and administrative processes and has years of experience with FE Technologies and an excellent understanding of our products and services and how they benefit libraries.

David Riches, Project Manager

David has 15 years managerial experience across a range of roles, and considerable project-specific experience.  David was with FE Technologies at the very beginning of our venture into RFID technology and saw the implementation of our very first RFID product range. He has returned to us recently after several years of operations management at a fellow technology company. David’s strong commitment to customer satisfaction outcomes and his excellent eye for detail make him ideally suited at the helm of our busy Projects Team. David is your point of call for any escalated project concerns and will be leading the Project Team to assemble the detailed requirements for your project and manage the delivery, installation, and testing of your new RFID equipment until handover to the Support Team

Randall Fletcher, Tagging and Conversion Project Manager

If your library is converting to RFID for the first time, Randall is available to project manage your tagging work and conversion process which can be completely outsourced with our own staffing solution, or he can assist the library’s own team by assisting with advice on optimal tagging methods for a quick and accurate conversion process.


Effective and accurate communication is important to minimize any delays or risk during your conversion to RFID.  We have a range of internal and external project management tools to make sure we remain on track to meet each milestone of the project and communicate regularly with the library to update on each stage of progress. Before your project is deemed complete your stakeholders will signoff on a series of user acceptance tests for each device, making sure everything is performing exactly the way you expect.