V5 Self Loan Station

The V5 Self Loan Station is a state-of- the art loan station designed to look amazing in any library environment.

  • With a portrait-oriented 23” touchscreen it allows the display of multiple items without the requirement to scroll up or down.
  • Check out up to 15 items at a time
  • The V5 Self Loan Station features an LED halo that can be lit in your corporate colour. You can even light each loan station in a different colour to match it to different areas of the library. Alternatively, the halo surrounding the touchscreen can have an industrial-grade vinyl “skin” designed in the library or Council’s logos and colours. Some libraries have installed themed designs such as underwater scenes.  The possibilities are endless and the V5 is bound to attract patron attention wherever it is in your library.
  • The benchtop is available in robust laminate or scuff-resistant glass.
  • The V5 can be installed back to back, mounted on a wall, or the leg removed so it can be simply placed on a benchtop. There is also a height-adjustable version available that allows you to set the height of the Self Loan Station via a telescopic pedestal built into the leg of the unit.


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