V5 Self Loan Station

The V5 Self Loan Station is a state-of- the art library self-check designed to look amazing in any library environment.

  • The portrait-oriented 23” touchscreen allows the display of multiple items.  There is no  requirement to scroll up or down so it gives a great patron experience.
  •  15 items can be checked out at a time so patrons can check out items quickly.
  • The V5 Self Loan Station features an LED halo so any library can  match their  corporate color. You can even light each loan station in a different color to match it to different areas of the library. Alternatively, the halo surrounding the touchscreen can have a vinyl “skin” designed in the library’s  logo and colors. Some libraries have installed themed designs such as underwater scenes.
  • The LED halo can be colored for different alerts so library staff can manage the self-checks from afar.
  • The 46 inch bench-top  provides enough desk-space so even a busy parent can check-out lots of items.
  • The V5 Self Loan Station  can be installed back to back, mounted on a wall, or the leg removed so it can be simply placed on a bench-top. There is also a height-adjustable version available that allows you to set the height of the Self Loan Station via a telescopic pedestal built into the leg of the unit.
  • Fine and Fee payments can be made can be made with Chip and Pin as well as Note and Coin
  • Patrons can unlock checked out OneTime DVD cases
  • V5 Self Loan Station unit has an optional height adjustable option
  • Runs on Envoy software that is customizable, intuitive, engaging and designed to encourage patron self service and return visits to your library

** We no longer offer glass table top for our V5 self loan station