S1 Self Loan Station

The S1 Self Loan Station features a portrait-oriented 23” touchscreen.

The unique architectural wood ply surrounds and curved shape is the result of an international design competition and voted on by libraries.The S1 Self Loan Station is available in a range of architectural wooden finishes, ideal for library’s who wish to integrate the unit into an existing wooden interior or to match existing wooden shelving and other furniture. The S1 is also available with a customisable high-grade vinyl “skin” that can be designed in the library or Council’s logos and colours. Patrons check out up to 15 items at a time, with LEDs directing them to each function (receipt, DVD unlocking etc) and it features a large tabletop, like its V5 cousin. The S1 Self Loan Station will look simply amazing in any library.

The FE Technologies Self Loan Station is designed to provide libraries with 100% self check-out by offering patrons an attractive, easy to use, intuitive self loan station. It has the following features:

  • Simple 3-step borrowing process that’s completely configurable and
  • Large touchscreen and interactive LEDs so patrons are conducting each
    transaction with ease
  • Integrates with any Library Management System using SIP2.
  • Offer a transparent and patron friendly offline mode
  • Is compliant with disability access standards
  • Runs on Envoy software that is customizable, intuitive, engaging and designed to encourage patron self service and return visits to your library