FE Technologies Self Loans Software “Envoy” delivers the ultimate patron UX!

To achieve  100% self checkout in a library so that library staff have more time to provide higher levels of customer support to their patrons an intuitive self-loan solution is essential.  At FE Technologies we dont just tick a box to say we have a feature – we provide the feature to add value to the User Experience (UX). We introduce our new Enyoy Software with specific UX Features.

The User Experience  UX features that makes 100% self-loan a reality are listed below

 FeatureBenefit for the Library
Intuitive placement, icons and coloring to attract attention where it is needed The main use of the Self Loan Station is to borrow items, so we’ve taking up a large portion of screen real estate to highlight the “Borrow Items” button, in the center of the screen in green. Other options such as “View Account” and “Returns” are represented with easy to recognize icons so patrons can see at a glance what the functionality is.

Fun and useful animations We’ve also introduced two (optional) colorful animated characters “Bean and Bop” who also guide you around each transaction, bouncing playfully around the screen to show users where to scan their card, how to place items on the readerpad, and when and where their receipt can be collected.
Familiar swiping, scrolling and selection actions Most patrons who own a smart phone, tablet or touchscreen computer will be familiar with the action to swipe across the screen to scroll through a list or to page across to more content, along with selecting highlighted icons. This intuitive screen interaction is instantly adopted by patrons of all ages
Micro-animations To further guide patrons through each transaction we’ve introduced micro-animations. The patron’s eye is guided to the next button to select in a transaction by a slight wiggle of that button or icon to show the patrons which is the next logical step. For example at the end of a transaction the “receipt” button will give a little wiggle to remind the patron to select their preferred receipt option.
Badge alerts A button will have a badge alert – a small number icon in the corner to show that patron that there is something within that item that requires their attention, for example if they have reserved items ready to collect or if there is an outstanding fee due, or overdue items. Selecting the “View Account” button takes the patron to their account where the available action is highlighted. In this the example at right an overdue item is highlighted in pink directing the patron’s attention to renew the item.