With the FE Technologies Self Loan Station’s integrated DVD Unlocking Device, your DVDs can now be browsed, borrowed and brought home without compromising security and staff time.

The system uses OneTime™ DVD cases that protect both the DVD item as well as the RFID tag; by protecting the RFID from potential theft libraries can have the confidence to leave all DVD items on the shelves in locked boxes. The Onetime™ DVD cases are tamper-proof, reinforced and robust, and provide a better user experience when interacting with the Self Loan Station.

Here’s how the borrowing process works for DVD items:

  • At the Self Loan Station patrons can place a mixture of book and DVD items on the pad during the “Borrow Items” procedure. If DVD items are detected, a list of borrowed DVD items will appear onscreen, and an onscreen animation will commence prompting the patron to insert the DVD case into the unlocker.
  • LED lights on the integrated DVD unlocker guide the patron to the unlocking slot and will indicate a successful unlock.
  • When the DVD case has been correctly inserted into the unlocker, the DVD is unlocked, the light will turn blue and a message on the screen will instruct the patron to remove the DVD case from the unlocker and double check that it is unlocked by opening the case.

Because we list what media patrons have checked out and what is unlocked – patrons can leave the library knowing that their AV items are definitely unlocked and ready for use.