Software on the Self Loan Station

The Self Loan Station has several options that allow the customisation of the software so you can create the very best user experience for your patrons, whilst adhering to your library’s business rules and borrowing regulations.

Customisation options include:

Display banners – The Library can control the banner image on the top of the self-loan station screen as either an image, animated GIFF or running a video advertisement. This can also be controlled at a branch level.

Advertising and other messages

The library has the opportunity to advertise at a branch level allowing each branch to communicate with their unique community directly with on screen adverts. Adverts can be used to advertise events to increase foot traffic or advertise specific issues at that location. In this example a children’s story time is advertised. You can also customise a welcome message or end of session message with an image or animation.

Patron messages

The messages displayed on the Self Loan Station are customisable.  Basically, any SIP2 call has a default translation that will be displayed to the patron; but you can alter these to suit your own library’s business rules.

Workflows and transaction steps

There are literally hundreds of possibilities when it comes to customizing the interface of the Self Loan Station, but FE Technologies does offer several “out of the box” workflows – steps that patrons follow.  Most libraries request a simple three step borrowing process with accompanying animations and icons that allow patrons to quickly and easily borrow their items without having to visit the circulation desk or ask for assistance.

Libraries can pick and choose from a huge range of configuration choices to suit each library’s individual requirements.