Library Self Loan Stations

Achieve the Highest Self Service Rates with Envoy Software

Give your patrons the biggest range of self service tools

More features than any other self loan station software:

  • Borrow, Return and Renew
  • Manage Reservations
  • Manage fines and fees
  • Full Offline Mode
  • Patron login via barcode, NFC or keyboard entry with password option
  • Advertising
  • Ability to cancel a loan during a transaction

Let your staff control the system

Fredom for your staff to manage the system easily

  • Receipts
  • Functionality
  • Advertising
  • Langauage selections
  • Choice of themes
  • On screen text

Professionally designed animations and transitions

The Envoys sofware layout and animations come out of a professional dersign and production house

  • The Envoy software makes full use of multi touch screens; patrons can ‘swipe’ through lists the same way one scrolls on a phone
  • Animated characters and features keep patrons engaged
  • Context specific help screens with animated user guides
  • Movement on sense engages patrons by showing where you are in a transaction
  • Micro animation acknowledge patron actions giving  immediate feedback to patrons
  • Recognizable multi language selections

Celebrate and engage with Envoy themes

Self Loan Station Hardware Options

D1 Self Loan Station


The D1 Self Loan Station is an entry level self loan station that runs the full features of the Envoy software and with a multi point capacitive touch screen provides patrons with an excellent user experience. The D1 has optional Chip and Pin Payments, Triangle DVD unlocker and comes in a desk mount or freestanding model.

L2/P2 Self Loan Station

The FE Technologies L2/P2 Self Loan Station is a mid range Self Loan Station that can be setup as a freestanding, height adjustable or desktop version. Library has the option to choose either L2 with landscape screen or P2 that comes with portrait screen. It features a computer with an integrated touch screen, barcode scanner (or optional RFID card reader), receipt printer and an RFID reading pad and instruction insert.

V5 Self Loan Station


The V5 Self Loan Station is a state-of- the art library self-check designed to look amazing in any library environment. Our flagship self loan station comes with an LED halo for in library notifications and integrated DVD unlocker and coin acceptor.

Extra Functionality

Height Adjustable
Height Adjustable
Intelligent Height Adjustable – the intelligent  height adjustable  always returns the self loan station  wheelchair height after a configurable time. It also has an anti crush mechanism and it is now available for V5, L2, P2 and D1.
Installation Options
Multiple Installation Option
Desktop – can sit on a desk or  can be built into your furniture
Freestanding – adult height, childrens height and height adjustable
Wall mounted – for great space saving
Payment Option
Payment of library fines and fees can be made using the following: Cash (Note and Coin), Chip and Pin (PCI DSS Compliant) and also 3rd party stored value system.
Libraries can also choose their own processor.
DVD Unlockers
DVD Security
FE Technologies provide two solutions for the unlocking these cases, an integrated case unlocker for the V5 Self Loan station or a Triangle DVD unlocker that fits on very sold loan station. In both cases unlocking may only be executed if the items have been checked out.
Mobile Checkout - Patron Mobile App
Phone with barcode
FE Technologies provide libraries multiple methods of being able to check out items using a mobile phone. This can be either a dedicated library app from FE Technologoies or an API that can integrate with any library’s existing app. RFID security is handled with a single step.
Getting Repeat Visits with recommendations
Imprved Circulation
FE Technologies integrates with Novelist to provide recommended reads to help further your patron’s love for reading, giving them the opportunity to place on hold similar materials suggested by Novelist for their enjoyment.
3rd Party Integrations amd Advertising
Libraries can integrate with any  3rd party systems  and  can use screen the real estate for advertising. The advanced advertising integration maintains the animation integrity that can overlay infront of the adverts.
Apple Pay and Google Wallet Library Cards
Many libraries wish to move away from printed library cards. FE Technologies now offer a solution that allows patrons to create a digital library card using their mobile phones wallet. This card can be accessesd using either the tap and go function of the mobile phone or the barcode.

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