RFID Accelerate

The FE Technologies RFID System features “RFID Accelerate” – an innovative way to make each RFID transaction super speedy. We’ve created a structure within our software that integrates with our RFID readers to allow a much faster physical read of RFID tags. Why settle for a sluggish response from your RFID system that defeats the purpose of the efficiencies that RFID can create in your library? RFID Accelerate lets you take advantage of the latest innovations in RFID technology – delivery a faster, better patron experience, and a more efficient processing in your loans, returns and stocktake functions.

With RFID Accelerate you can:

  • Stocktake at a world-leading 20,000 items an hour with the Mobile Scanning Unit
  • Return multiple items via our internal or external return chutes – they’re instantly read and checked back in for your patrons
  • Process multiple items in less than a second at the Self Loan Station – your patrons will love just how fast they can borrow a large stock of items
  • Perform all circulation functions at the library desk with no annoying delays or lags

FE Technologies Accelerated RFID leads the industry in delivery libraries truly speedy RFID that really works.