Sort Assistant

The Sort Assistant is a unique Library RFID product that minimises the returns and sorting time required in a returns room without the use of an automated materials handling solution. The Sort Assistant allows library staff to process multiple items in the returns room in a single step.

The Sort Assistant uses a sophisticated colour based destination sort interface which also handles all exceptions in one single process.

Multiple returned items are placed on the Sort Assistant’s RFID pad, and the system displays the sort criteria for each item via colour-coded bars. The Sort Assistant features a touch-screen monitor, receipt printer and large RFID pad, and connects via SIP2 to the Library Management System. Any item placed on the reader is immediately returned using SIP2 to the Library Management System (LMS). If the Sort Assistant has an external returns device such as 24/7 Chute, Smart Bin or Internal Chute the Sort Assistant uses a cache of returned items.

The various sort criteria include the following:

  • To be shelved in this library
  • Return to another destination (with destination details and optional transit slip)
  • On Hold for a patron in this library (with on optional hold receipt printing)
  • Sort by Call Number
  • Sort by collection code
  • Sort by Dewey Classification
  • Sort by location code
  • Sort by media type
  • Sort by SIP2 screen message

You can customize the colours of each sort destination via the Management Console.  The Management Console is the software used to configure, monitor and report on all the RFID equipment.  It allows libraries to completely customize how their returns system will work day-to-day.