Return Shelf

The FE Technologies Return Shelves, or blade shelves, take the hassle out of your returns process by reducing the number of times returned items are touched by staff. Patrons simply return their items to any one of the shelf cubicles, and the item is immediately checked in and removed from the patron’s account, using blade antennas in each cubicle. What’s more, the item is now able to be borrowed again by any other patron. They simply remove the item from the shelf and borrow it as normal. This means your high circulation items and best-sellers are kept out with your patrons, not stuck somewhere in the returns room.
And if there is an exception placed on the shelf, such as a reserved item, staff are instantly alerted, and can remove the item and action it as required. The exception item will automatically produce a printed slip for staff (which is customisable, for example an on hold slip or transit slip). The exception slip also advises staff of the cubicle number that the item can be found in.
A dashboard screen shows staff a list of exceptions, items older than X hours (libraries configure the value of hours), all items on the shelf and a search function per title to assist with managing the returned items. All lists show the cubical location of each item.
The shelves are available in modules of 4-8 cubicles which are expandable and come in a range of colours. You can even integrate these clever blade shelves into your existing shelving design.

Customized Return Shelves