Patron Return Pad

The FE Technologies Patron Returns Pad is a value for money product that gets your patrons to do the returns and sorting within your library!
FE Technologies’ suite of innovative returns products are designed for every library library’s individual returns processes. The Patron Return Pad consists of an encased RFID pad with integrated instruction screen and coloured customisable LEDs that show you when and where to place their returned items – a fun quick and easy way for patrons of all ages to return their items.

This is how it works:
Patrons return books by placing them on the Patron Returns Pad, one at a time. Coloured LEDs, a voice response and a corresponding graphic on the instruction screen will instruct the patron where to place the item. The colours and configuration of the lights are customisable – so you can setup a yellow LED to correspond to the where the yellow bin is in relation to the Returns Pad, for example. Up to three colours and sort options can be set-up on each side of the Return Pad. You might chose “return to shelf”, “audio-visual items” and “exceptions”, each with its own corresponding colour and bin location.
The sorting options are configured via the Management Console.