24/7 Chute

The 24/7 Return Chute  allows patrons to return multiple items at a time and automatically checks them into the ILS. This product is designed for busy libraries who want to encourage their patrons to return items at any time, and then be able to borrow again immediately. The patron has the peace of mind of an itemised email receipt so they know their items have been properly returned.
It only allows items that are recognised by an RFID Tag to open the chute and then return the items.

  • Multiple items can be returned at a time and an itemized receipt is produced automatically
  • Items are checked in and immediately removed from the patron’s account. The security status is switched from off to on.
  • Features an RFID Pad. The patron must scan his/her library item to activate the chute. This protects the interior of the library by having the chute locked at all times except when a patron is actually returning at item via the chute.
  • Manufactured of stainless steel with indicator lamps.
  • Robust vandal-resistant stainless steel design
  • Can be installed in a range of materials including brick, stone and glass.