Self Service Returns

There are three options for Patron returns at the Self Loan Station:

  1. Return Items Only – lets the patron return multiple items – a bin, tote or other receptacle is placed near the Self Loan Station for returned items.
  2. Sorted Returns, one at a time – lets the patron return items, one at a time and customisable screen directions will tell the patron where to place the item – in the green bin to the left, or the red bin to the right, for example. Bins or other receptacles are placed on either side of the Self Loan Station for this purpose.
  3. Sorted Returns, multiple items – lets the patron return multiple items at a time (up to 15 items at a time) and a customisable graphic will instruct the patron where to place each item (for example a red or green bin or arrow).

The FE Technologies suite of returns products gives libraries a choice of value-for-money returns products that give libraries 100% check-in of all returned items and a speedy sorting system without the financial outlay of an automatic sorter. Our products are designed to give libraries:

  • User Experience (UX) – patrons can return items multiple items themselves at any time, without the queues associated with one-at-a-time returns and without having to visit the Customer Service Desk. Returned items are automatically checked in, giving the patron a seamless re-borrowing process, without the need for librarian assistance to remove previously returned items from their account first.
  • Staff productivity improvement – staff are no longer “chained” to the returns room constantly checking in items as they are returned. Multiple item check-ins afforded by the Smart Bin and chutes along with a speedy multiple item sorting performed using the Sort Assistant mean that staff spend less time in the returns room and more time on the library floor, assisting patrons and providing a high level of customer service.
  • Increase item circulation rates – Get your high circulation items out of the returns room and back on the shelves ready to be re-borrowed much faster with a speedy streamlined returns processing and sorting system. Reduce customer service enquiries relating to “where is this book?”

FE Technologies has designed a range of returns products to suit the needs of every library, from busy public libraries and university libraries, to smaller collection branches with minimal staff. Most importantly, all our solutions will give you not only multiple items returns, but 100% check-in.