The FE Technologies Return Shelf is highly accurate but also visually appealing with cabinetry customisation available.


FE Technologies is in the unique position of being able to guarantee 100% checkin on our Returns Shelf (if the shelf is setup and used as we recommend).


The Returns Shelf is a modular RFID-enabled shelf with accompanying touchscreen computer. It allows patrons to return items directly to the Returns Shelf without having to visit the Circulation Desk.

Patrons simply place their items on the shelf, in any cubicle and the items are automatically checked in and removed from the patron’s account.  Each numbered cubicle is has its own antenna to ensure each item is checked in, and each item’s exact position is known.

The Return Shelf will alert staff to the cubicle number of any exception items that need to be removed.


Furthermore, the shelf’s cabinetry is is available in a huge range of colours, so you can tailor the shelves to suit your library’s interior design.