Retrospective Conversion

Mobile Retrospective Encoder
Libraries can  convert their library to RFID without the need to close the library.  The process of conversion to RFID is performed using FE Technologies’ Mobile Retrospective Encoder – we have large a fleet of units available for rental.
The FE Technologies Mobile Retrospective Encoder is completely mobile and cable-less with a 12 hour battery pack. The unit is powered by a gel-based battery. The trolley also features a touch screen interface, barcode scanner and RFID pad / encoder. The unit is completely manoeuvrable and complies with all OH&S requirements. An item list is downloaded onto the unit by FE Technologies. Each item’s barcode is scanned, the item is recorded (a very effective stocktake tool) and a tag is encoded .
The unit checks for duplicate RFID tags  so the process is virtually error-free.
It’s a speedy process – the more operators the faster the conversion rate. What’s more, our conversion process will give you 100% security integrity from day 1 of RFID operations.

FE Technologies can also take over the whole conversion process by providing both management and staff resrources to convert a library’s collection.