Smart Shelf

Smart Shelf

The Smart Shelf is an excellent product to compliment the returns procedure.  This product revolutionises the “on holds” process, allowing reserved items to be identified and allocated to patrons without staff intervention.
The innovative Smart Shelf effectively transforms the On Hold process to a one-touch solution.
Items identified as being on hold are simply placed on the on holds shelf in any location.

Patrons are notified that they have an on hold item ready to pick up and are given an (optional) receipt by the Self Loan Station or On Holds Station indicating the shelf number.  The item is retrieved and checked out.
Expired reservations are also easy to process as the shelves automatically check all reservation items back in and the system automatically reprocesses any expired items that have a new reservation. Only items that need to be re-shelved are handled by library staff; library staff are notified by way of a simple report.


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