Anytime Access

The FE Technologies Anytime Access gives libraries the option of unattended operation, allowing
extended operating hours or even 24/7 access. The solution interacts with your library RFID
equipment and the library’s existing security infrastructure to give libraries a completely holistic approach to automatic library access.

Patrons interact with a touchscreen to gain access to the library – by scanning their membership card and entering a PIN or password.

Controlling and monitoring the Anytime Access system is performed by a web-based program. No
client software is installed on the PCs. Tiered access levels are available giving select individuals different user rights (Admin, Operator and User).

The user is able to change the library’s operating hours and by altering a mapped out schedule, and special schedules can be created, for example public holidays.

A range of sound files are available which can be played over the library’s sound system, for
example, “The library will close in 20 minutes.”

Because the system interacts with the statistics from the RFID equipment you can collate pertinent information pertaining to Patron Membership number, Self Loan Station Usage and Security Gate alarm events. This allows you to effective “police” the library even when un-staffed.

The FE Technologies Anytime Access completes your suite of RFID equipment and gives your library a truly self-service patron experience.