Intelligent Returns

FE Technologies offers a large range of Intelligent Returns options for library branches that do not warrant an Automated Materials Handling Solution. This gives library’s the ability to provide self service returns options for patrons both in and out of library hours.

The Intelligent Returns solutions offer libraries the following option:

  • Sort Assistant – the fastest and most accurate tool for checking in a sorting items without using an actual sorter
  • Smart Bin – A bin that checks in up to 600 items that are dropped into it – great for checking in large quantities of items in a short period such as children’s reading sessions
  • Internal Return Chute – an Internal Chute that checks in all items dropped through it
  • 24/7 Return Chute – an external return chute that checks in all items returned through it and can provide a receipt if required
  • Secure External Return Chute – secure 24/7 returns that works with the smart bin
  • Return Shelves – Return Shelves for libraries without a returns processing area