Print Release, PC Reservations and Advanced Fines and Fees

FE Technologies have partnered with MonitorBM to make access to Printing, PC Reservations and the ability to Pay for anything in the library as easy as possible for all patrons this making equity of library services an acheivable goal.

Core System

Supervisor Net with ILS Login

The Core Monitor solution is managed by the Database Management solution “Supervisor Net”. The solution can either be managed and installed on Servers held and managed by the IT Department or we can arrange to host the solution in the Cloud and provide Management of the infrastructure. Either way,   integration to  ILS system is essential for the library to have authenticatrion for any of the Monitor optional systems.

Print Release System

Multiple Document Upload Methods

Patrons have multiple methods to upload documents for printing.

  • Print Pop Up – from any library based PC
  • E-Mail – print via email submission
  • Mobile Print – Mobile devices
  • Web Print – integrate upload from your library website
  • USB Upload – on your self loan stations

Managing your printing

Patrons can identify their print jobs by either using their patron identification or using a print job identification. The print job id is easy for casual patrons to be able to pay and release a print job without a need of having an account. This feature greatly reduces the library staff overhead required when assisting with printing for guests.

Paying for a print job does not require a dedicated payment terminal or PC at the printer minimizing the hardware footprint. Payment and account top ups can be made through existing self loan stations.

Follow Me Printing via Embedded MFD Software

The Monitor Printing Solution provides embedded software  for a better user interface at your Multi-Function Device (MFD). Once a print job has been submitted the enhanced user experience allows “follow me printing” from any selected printer in the library for both a better patron experience and increased privacy.

The embedded software is available on nearly every brand of MFDs in the USA.

Libraries also have the option of adding a barcode reader onto their MFDs for easy authentication of patrons.

PC Reservations

Booking Options

Patrons can book a PC

  • At the reservation station they can book any available computer
  • When all computers are busy patrons can book the next available computer
  • A patron can book a computer for a later date and time
  • Can book multiple computers at a later date and date for a group

System Management

The system consists of 5 interlinked components

  • Computer Reservation Administrator  – Used by admin staff to access the system configuration and user account information
  • Computer Reservation Booking Station – Used by members of the public  to create and manage their own bookings
  • Computer Reservation Online Booking – A web-based version of the booking station
  • Computer Reservation Client Application – The component of the system which is installed on the public use computers within the site
  • Computer Reservation Monitor – Displays queuing information (positionin the queue ) for users

Queue Monitoring and Reporting

The Monitor system provides a live queue monitoring system that can be used by users waiting and also for library staff to see when sessions are completed.

MonitorBM’s smart and sophisticated reporting tool is a comprehensive suite of web reports including the Computer Reservation system, sample reports are shown here.

Payment Options

On the Self Loan Station

The Monitor System allows patrons to maintain a stored value payment system which can be topped up in various ways. This stored value can be used to pay for any services in the library such as printing, fines and fees, events and even for the purchase of goods.

The Monitor kiosk software currently runs on the FE Technologies self loan station software allowing the full features of both solutions.

This payment system has  tight integration with the major ILS such as SirsiDynix, Polaris and  allowing a granular level selction of fines and fees to be paid.

It can also be used to pay city Rate sand Fees depending on the systems used. The system can also be integrated with the library’s or the city’s ERP system to streamline the upload of transactions.

On the website and Shopping Carts

The Monitor system can be integrated for shopping carts on both the library’s website and also on your kiosks.

The shopping carts on the kiosks produces a receipt that patrons can exchnage for goods at a service desk eliminating the need for library staff to manage payments.

Advanced Functions

The Monitor system allows for the creation of guest or casual user ticket creation.

The library system allows for both printed or email receipts.

The abilty to include passwords and pins toi authenticate patrons.

Supports testing and technical mode.

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