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Unlock the future of library access with FE Technologies Anytime Access

Extend Library Hours Without Extra Staff Resources

Anytime Access is designed to adapt to the unique needs of your library and community. Whether you’re looking to extend access to your entire library or just a specific section, our system can be tailored to fit your requirements. From providing full self-service resources to focusing on holds pick-up areas, Anytime Access offers the versatility your library needs to better serve its patrons.

With Anytime Access, you can:

  • Customize your library’s accessibility to meet community demands
  • Choose the level of service that suits your library’s space and resources
  • Enhance your library’s offerings with extended hours and services


Anytime Access is designed to complement your staffed library hours, offering a cost-effective solution to extend service without the need for additional staff resources. This innovative system allows your library to provide extended hours, making it more accessible to the community and enhancing its value to patrons.

With Anytime Access, you can:

  • Increase your library’s accessibility without increasing staff costs
  • Optimize your library’s operating hours to better serve your community
  • Implement a budget-friendly solution that enhances your library’s offerings

Anytime Access Entrance Unit

Patrons interact with a touchscreen to gain access to the library – by scanning their membership card and entering a PIN. Easy & straight forward instructions with multiple languages is available on the screen to guide patrons to authenticate themselves. As the touchscreen is available 24/7 to the public, it is also built with vandal-proof pin buttons to support heavy use or any abuse in usage.

Anytime Access Central Hardware and Software

The Anytime Access system is controlled and monitored by software and a physical main controller. The main controller connects all the system components such as the entrance units, CCTV and integrated speakers in a centralized system to control all the access to the library and authenticate patrons via the LMS. The main controller also is built in with relay function to work with any existing system in the library such as the lighting sensor, intruder alarm and door control. With this, library will not have false intruder alarms and save electricity when there are no ones in the library.

Anytime Access Integrated CCTV

Ensure the safety of your library and its patrons with our state-of-the-art CCTV system. Designed to provide 24/7 security, our cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors within the library compound. The built-in motion sensor technology detects and records any movement, allowing staff to monitor the premises and review footage as needed.

Anytime Access Integrated Speaker

Improve communication within your library with our advanced integrated speaker system. Our  speakers allow for automatic announcements to be broadcast to patrons, ensuring they are informed of closing times or other important messages. In case of an incident, staff can also make announcements through the speakers.

Anytime Access Brochure

Feel the Freedom with Anytime Access

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