Maximize Library Efficiency with Intelligent Returns Solutions

Say Goodbye to Manual Returns Processing and Boost Your Library's Efficiency with Intelligent Returns Solutions

24/7 Convenience

With FE Technologies library returns solutions, patrons can return library materials anytime, day or night. Our 24/7 automated library returns systems provide patrons the convenience of returning library materials at any time, without the need for staff assistance. No more manual returns and no more customer service issues caused by patrons not being able to borrow due to unprocessed returns!

Instant Gratification

Gone are the days of patrons returning library materials and still having to wait for their account to be updated and cleared before they can borrow more items. With FE Technologies library returns solutions, patrons can receive an email receipt in real time, so they know that their account is now clear and they can start borrowing again!

Rapid Reshelving

Library staff can empty the returns bins at their convenience and with the Sort Assistant can trap holds and transits much faster than processing them individually using ILS workflows. FE Technologies library returns solutions cost a fraction of a traditional Automated Materials Handling (book sorter) system, making the solution affordable to any library. Furthermore, the installation flexibility of the FE Technologies returns solutions allows the returns system to be installed into any library.

Exploring the Advantages of Smart Returns

24/7 Self-Service Returns

24-7-Library Returns
Patrons can perform self-service returns both in and out the library 24 hours a day

Email Receipts

Email Receipt Library Returns
Self Service Returns are acknowledged via an email receipt.

Continued Borrowing

Continue Borrowing Library Returns
Items are automatically removed from patron’s card allowing them to continue borrowing

Fast & Convenient

Efficient Multiple Item Library Returns
Patrons can return multiple items at a time making it fast and convenient.

Security Status

RFID Security Library Returns
The security status of items is automatically switched back on as they are returned

Minimized Time in Returns Room

Less Time in Returns room Library Returns
Library staff can quickly sort and reshelve returned items minimizing the time spent in the returns room

The Most Efficient Way to Sort Items

No longer sort one item at a time

Introducing The Sort Assistant

The Sort Assistant is the most efficient way to handle library returns. With a sophisticated colour-coded destination sort interface, it can handle all exceptions in one single process, making it easier and faster than ever before. And with its customizable colours, you can tailor the system to fit your library’s needs.

The Benefits of Sort Assistant

Say goodbye to manual returns and tedious sorting tasks. The Sort Assistant is designed to make sorting and returning items easier and more efficient than ever. Plus, it’s connected to the Library Management System via SIP2, allowing for quick and easy returns. And with the Management Console, you can customize the system to fit your library’s needs.

Hold Slip Printing, Back-Dating and Tote Management with the Sort Assistant

The Sort Assistant is designed to ensure that holds can be processed quickly and with minimal effort. This unit has three different hold slip templates, which means less time inputting data and more time checking in materials.

The software also includes back dated returns and also allows a whole tote to be checked in with a single scan when integrated with our Tote Management System (Available in the US Only).

Introducing the Check-In Bin - the best and most accurate bulk returns solution available to libraries

Eliminate Manual and Unreliable Bulk Returns with the Check-In Bin

FE Technologies Check-In Bin is a robust electronic RFID enabled returns bin that uses a patented reading algorithm that can simultaneously receive multiple items with no constraints other than bin size. It automatically reads and checks in items, switches security back on and has a large capacity of around 600 items. It has an automated platform, which automatically moves up and down as required, so library staff do not have to reach and bend to retrieve items from the bin.

Perfectly Positioned

The Check-In Bin is ideally positioned with chute access either in the returns room or in a children’s story-telling area, where large volumes of books can be placed into the bin and instantly checked in and removed from the patron’s account.

Linked to a Sort Assistant - Helping libraries save money and staff

A library that uses Check-In Bins in combination with the Sort Assistant can set up a powerful workflow that allows library staff to empty the bin and quickly sort items.  With this productivity-enhancing combination, libraries no longer need to permanently position staff in the returns room and can simply use a 10-minute rotation every one or two hours.  Print customized hold slips and transit labels on demand, giving library patrons faster access to library items.

Helpful Internal Return Chute

Internal Library Returns

The FE Technologies Internal Return Chute is designed to allow patrons to return items within the library. Its special design means it reads and checks in multiple items at a time. It’s assisted by FE Technologies RFID Accelerate – software that integrates with the reader to provide super-fast and accurate returns.

You can pair the Internal Return Chute with the Sort Assistant to give your returns process 100% returns and huge efficiency gains in your returns room.

Introducing the 24/7 Return Chute

What is the 24/7 Return Chute?

The 24/7 Return Chute is the perfect solution for busy libraries who want to encourage their patrons to return items at any time. With an RFID reader, the chute allows patrons to return multiple items at a time and automatically checks them into the ILS, giving patrons the peace of mind of an itemized email receipt so they know their items have been properly returned. (The chute comes in a less expensive Secure Chute option that allows patrons to return items but does not check them in.)

Features of the 24/7 Return Chute

The 24/7 Return Chute features a robust, vandal-resistant stainless steel design and indicator lamps. It can be installed in a range of materials including brick, stone, and glass. It only allows items that are recognized by an RFID tag to open the chute and then return the items. Multiple items can be returned at a time and an itemized email receipt is produced automatically. (The Secure Chute is exactly the same features but doesnot check-in the items.)

Return Your Items Now

Don’t wait – return your library items now with the 24/7 Return Chute! With its robust design and easy installation, you can enjoy the convenience of returning your library items 24/7. Check out the 24/7 Return Chute or Secure Chute today!

A value for money product that helps patrons of all ages return their items quickly

Quickly and Easily Return Books

The FE Technologies Patron Returns Pad is a value for money product that helps your patrons return their items quickly and easily. With an encased RFID pad and integrated instruction screen running the return functionality of the Envoy Software, it’s a quick and easy way for patrons of all ages to return their items.

Customizable Sorting Options

The Patron Return Pad allows you to customize the sorting options for your library. With multiple colours and sort options to choose from, you can easily setup a yellow trolley to correspond to the trolley’s location in relation to the Returns Pad. The sorting options are configured via the Management Console.

Return shelves reduce the number of times returned items are touched by staff, and make it easier to manage returned items

Reduce the Hassle of Returns

Return Shelves from FE Technologies make it easy to reduce the number of times returned items are touched by staff. Patrons simply return their items to any one of the shelf cubicles, and the item is immediately checked in and removed from the patron’s account, using blade antennas in each cubicle. What’s more, the item is now able to be borrowed again by any other patron. They simply remove the item from the shelf and borrow it as normal.

Manage Returned Items Easily

The Return Shelves dashboard screen shows staff a list of exceptions, items older than a configurable number of hours, all items on the shelf and a search function per title to assist with managing the returned items. All lists show the cubical location of each item.

Flexible Design

The shelves are available in modules of 4-8 cubicles which are expandable and come in a range of colours. You can even integrate these clever blade shelves into your existing shelving design.

Now is the Time to Streamline Your Returns Process with Intelligent Returns Solutions

Find out how Intelligent Returns can streamline your library returns today!


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