Mobile Scanning Unit

The FE Technologies Mobile Scanning Unit enables the library staff to perform a stocktake, to search for items, to identify mis-shelved items and to switch the security status of items to “on”, without the need to remove items from the library shelving area or interrupt regular library services.

The Mobile Scanning Unit is the fastest on the Market, capable of reading 18,000 items an hour. It is also a purpose-built Scanning Unit that is designed specifically for libraries.

The Mobile Scanning Unit consists of the following components:

  • Handheld wand – weighing 430g, with a scanning time of over 8 hours and an idle time of over 60 hours
  • Samsung mobile phone – weighing 110g, with a scanning time of 20 hours and an idle time of 19 days

You can setup the Mobile Scanning Unit to find items – from a weed list, missing items, or claimed returned items – any of the above lists as long as these are supported and exportable via the LMS. Individual items can be manually entered via the phone, or you can import a list of search items when you have the phone plugged into the Synch Application.

Multiple “find items” lists can be setup as required.
When the Out of Place Item feature is enabled on the Mobile Scanning Unit, it will alert when it detects items that are outside of a designated collection range or location range, based on the collection code. This will allow library staff to find misplaced items within a range. The misplaced item will trigger a visual and audio alert.

The Mobile Scanning Unit is available for rental and includes both hardware and software.