Librarian Rover

The FE Technologies Librarian Rover frees your library staff from the Circulation desk and lets them rove the library.

Using a specially developed mobile application for use on an RFID-enabled Smart Phone, the Librarian Rover allows library staff to check in or out items from anywhere in the library.  Your staff are mobilised throughout the library and not chained to a desk. Your patrons will benefit from enhanced customer service and instant access to checkout their items wherever they are in the library.

Here’s how it works:

The librarian simply scans the barcode of the patron’s card and then selects either check-in or check-out and holds the library item against the mobile device.  The device will give an audio and visual indication of a successful check in or check out, and an optional receipt can be emailed to the patron. It changes the security status of the tag – allowing the patron to pass through the gates without alarming.

Importantly for library staff, the Librarian rover also has a Dashboard screen, so you can see at a glance the status of all the RFID equipment in your network – whether a Self Loan Station needs its receipt changing, for example, or whether the Security Gates have alarmed.  This is the must have pocket device for your library staff.

The Librarian Rover can also convert tags to RFID – an excellent tool for switching the newly converted library to “RFID-on” in one simple procedure.