Live Scanning Wand

The Live Scanning Wand allows your library staff to conduct dynamic library inventory and update the ILS live

Revolutionize Your Library’s Shelf Management

The FE Technologies Live Scanning Wand helps your library staff conduct dynamic library inventory and update the ILS live. With a handheld RFID wand and tablet, staff can quickly scan library items and process them without taking them to the back office. Our RFID Library Inventory device reads up to 18,000 items an hour, meaning you can stock take with ease.

Identify Library Exceptions Instantly

The Live Scanning Wand quickly identifies exceptions such as library holds, claim returns, weed items, or lost items automatically. Our software will take the user straight to the relevant ILS screen for handling exceptions and altering the item’s status.

Achieve Real-Time ILS Workflows

Live Scanning Wand syncs with web-based ILS workflows, meaning staff can instantly access the ILS in real-time. Our device is ILS dependent, giving you the power to transform your library shelf management and speed up the stock take process.

Scan Your Library in Real-Time

Power On and Go
Everything is ready the moment you power on the Live Scanning Wand. Delegating key tasks to experienced team members and staff has never been easier.
Live to ILS via Wi-Fi
We know you’re busy and we want to make your life easier. That’s why our new wand connects live to your ILS in real time via Wi-Fi. Not only does this make the process quicker and easier, it also makes it so much more accurate—which is just what you want when it comes to working smart.
Live Data
The Live Scanning Wand is a game-changing tool that gives you the power to remotely update your ILS. Holds, Claim Returns and exceptions are now faster and easier than ever before!
8 Hours Battery
The Scanning Wand is ideal for working during an entire shift without any unwanted downtime. The 8 hour battery life will keep your wand fully charged so when you need it…you’ll have it!
18000 Items an hour
Live Scanning Wand can scan items up to 18,000 items per hour. It will greatly reduce the time required to complete repetitive inventory tasks while improving accuracy. * RFID Accelerate requires the collection to be scanned at least once and the ILS responses must keep up to achieve these speeds.
Ergonomic Design
The tablet attaches to any trolley thanks to the integrated clamp, so you can work all day with no annoying hand or wrist fatigue. The wand weighs 15 oz, which is light enough not to be felt after use. Perfect for a tool that’s always ready for your next job.

Discover the power of Live Scanning Wand Profiles today

Here are some examples of profiles a library can set up on the LSW.

Inventory Management Profile

The Live Scanning Wand (LSW) can be used to quickly identify exception items and manage them more efficiently. With the LSW, you can maximize the usefulness of your library’s resources.

Manage Hold Shelves Profile

The LSW can be used to identify expired holds on the hold shelf. This eliminates the need to print reports or check for expired hold slips, saving time and effort.

Process Library Returns Profile

The Live Scanning Wand (LSW) makes processing returns easier than ever. With the LSW, library staff can check in items quickly, switch the security back on, and identify any exceptions immediately.

Live Scanning Wand Brochure

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Find out how the Live Scanning Wand can revolutionize your library shelf management today!

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