Standard Designer RFID Security Gates

The Standard Designer Clear Library RFID Security gates are the ideal security solution for libraries who need an aesthetically subtle security system that blends in with existing library architecture and interior design. These gates are made from high clear acrylic, so they are visually low-profile, blending into the background. The gates have the same form factor as the 63in Wide Designer Clear Library RFID Security Gates.

The Designer Library  Security Gates have corridor specific alarming.  Only panels of the affected aisle will light up when a secured item is passed through.

The Designer Library  Security Gates can be installed with an aisle width between columns of up to 47 inches. The distance of 47 inches provides an excellent read range in a 3-dimensional field.

Uniform Design

Whether the library uses the Designer RFID Gates or the Wide Designer RFID gates the look and form factor are identical allowing the library to have a homogenous appearance in all libraries.

Reports and software

Items that have alarmed the gates will be displayed by title on the Dashboard screen. Only secured items will alarm the Designer Library  Security Gates. The Dashboard screen is web-based and can be accessed via any PC or via a mobile device.A bi-directional people counter provides statistics on patron traffic.  This includes a range of reports by hour, day, week etc are available via the Management Console or the Library Live Dashboard.

Installation Options

The Designer Library  Security Gates have a huge range of installation options available.
The ‘Low Profile floor ramp’ is fully assembled at FE Technologies. It includes integrated power and data cabling allowing for a streamlined installation process at your facility. The ramps have a profile suitable for use with wheelchair and trolley access. They have a carpeted finish that will withstand heavy foot and wheelchair traffic. They also comply with the accessibility access and mobility standard. The gate columns can also be mounted directly on the floor with above-ground aluminium cable ramps, buried conduits or protected trenches. The gates feature a self-tuning reader that will adjust as the environment changes.

Integration of Designer Library  Security Gates with you Checkout on your Library App

The Security Gates integrate with both the Patron Mobile Checkout App supplied by FE Technologies or can integrate with any library app using the FE Technologies Security API. A good example is the Engage product from Communico.