DVD Security

With the FE Technologies Self Loan Station’s integrated DVD Unlocking Device, your DVDs can now be browsed, borrowed and brought home without compromising security and staff time.
The system uses OneTime™ DVD cases that protect both the DVD item as well as the RFID tag.
The Self Loan Station features a fully integrated DVD unlocker that prompts the patron to unlock any detected DVD items as they are loaned. A simple animation shows the patron how to unlock the item and the design of the software means that the patron cannot unlock an item until it has been successfully checked out. Because we list what media patrons have checked out and what is unlocked – patrons can leave the library knowing that their AV items are definitely unlocked and ready for use.

Many libraries have sets of items that patrons can borrow. These might be a combinations of different items, such as multiple DVDs, books, magazines and any combinations of different item types. FE Technologies has an excellent solution to make sure your set items can be browsed and accessed by patrons on the shelves, and borrowed without staff intervention.