Library Security

Library Security is  important to protect your library’s valuable collection and premises; FE Technologies provide library security solutions that both protect library items and also library buildings.

FE Technologies Security Gates have a 3-dimensional read range and will detect any secured items when removed from the library.
We also have an excellent security measure for high risk items such as DVD items, whereby our Self Loan Station can be used to unlock OneTime DVD cases. Our solution also allows for the immediate identification of items that have caused an alarm at the gates. Library staff can view this on their mobile devices – see the video below. The same dashboard also shows library traffic numbers that are captured from readers on the gates can be viewed on the Library Live Dashboard.

Prevent unwanted materials from entering the library premises using our  clever external return chutes. Prevent vandals from injecting litter through your chutes by requiring a valid RFID Tag to unlock.

The FE Technologies Library Security Gates allows the  BYOD (Bring your own device) patron mobile checkout using any library app.  Delivering a “grab and go” one scan process that automatically manages RFID security without the need to desesitize in a seprate step.

Patrons can checkout locked DVD cases and  unlock them in the self -check process without staff intervention.

Low Profile Ramps

FE Technologies offer low profile ramps for both the Wide Installation Gates (63 inches / 160cm)  and the Designer Security Gates (47inches / 120cm). The low profile ramps eliminate any modificaltion required by the library other than suppling a power and data point making the installation simple for the library. The Wide Installation Gates with low profile ramp fulfil  ADA wheelchair requirements for a single swinging door without a requirement to make any modification to the building. The ramps are manufactured of steel and covered with a fitted carpet.

Library Live Reporting

Information from the gates can be used by the library in three different ways; reports, dashboard or as a pop up. The dashboard can be used in many different ways and can be used on any PC monitor (left),  on a display screen (right) or viewed from a librarians mobile phone (video).

Library Live Dashboard

Occupancy Mode

Whitelist Security - One Touch Library App Security

FE Technologies Security gates are whitelist enables allowing one touch checkout from any library app with a guarantee of security integrity. Read the article here of an example integration using our Security API.