Library Security and People Counting

Security Gate Options

47 Inch Gate Width

  • 30″ to 47″ installation
  • Full 3D Security
  • Visual and audible alarm
  • Built in people counters
  • ADA compliant
  • Dashboard statistics and item alarm titles

63 Inch Gate Width

  • Same form factor as 42″ gates
  • Full 3D Security
  • Visual and audible alarm
  • Built in people counters
  • ADA compliant
  • Dashboard statistics and item alarm titles

Installation Options

The ‘Low Profile floor ramp’ is fully assembled at FE Technologies. It includes integrated power and data cabling allowing for a streamlined installation process at your facility. The ramps have a profile suitable for use with wheelchair and trolley access. They have a carpeted finish that will withstand heavy foot and wheelchair traffic. They also comply with the accessibility access and mobility standard.

The gate columns can also be mounted directly on the floor with above-ground aluminium cable ramps, buried conduits or protected trenches. The gates feature a self-tuning reader that will adjust as the environment changes

Gate Functionality

3-Dimensional Smart Security
Protection is provided by 3D security technology and patron-friendly smart column specific alarming.
Visual and Audible Alarms
Column specific visual and audible alarms help improve the user experience for patrons by ensuring unauthorized withdrawals are a thing of the past.
Easy-Install ADA Ramp Gates
If, for any reason, you’re unable to cable underground, our easy drop-install ramp option is fully wheelchair compliant with both column width and ramp incline.
Multiple Installation Options*
Choose from up to 4 different gate installation options to provide the seamless fit that will make all the difference.
Real-Time Reporting
Make managing even the most complex issues as easy as checking in with a smart
tool that handles the fine details so you and your team never have to.
One-Step Checkout App
Use the system with a standalone app or integrate it with an API so it effortlessly becomes a key part of your library’s existing app.
Professional Look and Feel
Our clear gates allowing column width to range from 30-63 inches for a versatile,
compact and elegant look that works in any type of library environment.
Future Proofed Design
FE Technologies security software system uses Whitelist Technology that allows libraries to provide smart security solutions rather than the binary on/off technology currently used by AFI and EAS security options.

People Counting Options

In Gate People Counters

The stacking cart is a battery powered cart that uses a motor to convert from the vertically angled receiving mode to a shelving trolley mode. The receiving mode of the stacking cart is specially designed to work with high speed sorters without having items sorted to the cart toppling over. The topple free design of the stacking cart makes the Bookmatic stacking cart librarian friendly requiring minimal attention to getting a cart onto the library floor for the reshelving of items.

The stacking cart automatically recharges when attached to the sorter.

Ceiling People Counters

The box stacker allows libraries to simplify the physical loading and unloading of totes on a sorter. This simplification results in less manual handling required to be able to both load and unload totes. Dollies supplied with the box stacker also make the movement of totes easy.

The box stacker enhances the manual handling efficiencies of totes in a library environment and is especially useful on busy central sorters.

Unified Reporting

The FE Technologies Bookmatic electric bin comes in two different sizes that fits the two differnt sized sorting tables of 500mm and 650mm. (The sorting tables can be mixed and matched as required by the library.) The electric bins are battery operated and are recharged while the automatic electric bin is attached to the sorter in receive mode. The bin has two modes – “receive” – where the optical eye automatically lowers the base of the bin as it is filled and -“empty” where the optical eye raises the base of the bin so that the top book is just below the lip of the bin. These automatic functions both protect items by minimizing the length of the fall when it is filling and reduces the effort library staff have to exert emptying the bin as items are always at the top.

Managing Security from your App

Patron Mobile Checkout App

The FE Technologies Bookmatic staff induction units are used by library staff to inject books into the sorter. They are high speed devices and come in two forms. The standard is a fixed height staff induction unit and the height adjustable version features a height adjustable induction. The height adjustable unit can be set at the most ergonomic height for different staff members.

Both induction units come with a screen.

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