Library RFID replaces Library Barcode

Library RFID is a technology that replaces library barcodes for item identification.The two main differences between the technologies are:

  1. Barcode needs line of sight to read a tag whereas library RFID reads all the items in the read zone.  RFID allows the multiple processing of items versus the item at a time processing of barcode. By processing multiple items RFID makes all circulation and item management processes more efficient by speeding them up.
  2. The security and identification components of RFID are a single source whereas in barcode the security and identification components  are two separate sources. With Library RFID the library can identify what item causes an alarm which allows library staff to better service patrons.

How Library RFID Works

All library items must have an RFID Tag for the solution to work. An RFID tag is a microchip mounted on an antenna and built into a self adhesive label. The antenna transmits the information from the microchip to the RFID reader using a standard protocol. Libraries predominately use ISO15693 RFID Tags which defines the frequency  (13.56mhz) of the communication which is done and the data transfer of four bytes per block. Modern RFID readers (as used in our security gates) can read up to 30 inches allowing a 60 inch aisle.

The FE Technologies Library RFID System is renowned as the most accurate in the market due to the RFID Accelerate architecture. This RFID Accelerate speeds up the reading of RFID tags  ensuring all transactions are recorded correctly with the security being correctly set.

Why FE Technologies ?

FE Technologies have the biggest portfolio of RFID solutions for any library. All vendors will offer self-check and staff circulation functions but when it comes to self service returns is where FE Technologies excels. Not every library or branch justifies AMH (Automated Materials Handling); FE Technologies have the largest portfolio of Intelligent returns that allows any library to improve efficiencies and ROI for returns.

Our “grab and go” self checkout provided by our Security API or Patron Mobile Checkout is the first one step BYOD (Bring your own device) one step checkout in the market.

Our Live Scanning wand has taken item management to the next level; it eliminates the need to upload and download data allowing any librarian to switch it on immediately start the RFID library inventory process.

We talk to libraries

FE Technologies were the first Library RFID vendor in the world to create an independent User Group. Our user groups interaction is our main source of input for features as well as support and maintenance expectations.