L2 Self Loan Station

The L2 Self Loan station offers a large 21.5inch landscape screen with a CCD barcode scanner, RFID reader and thermal printer. It comes in both a desktop or freestanding unit.

The FE Technologies L2 Self Loan Station is a mid range Self Loan Station that can be setup as a freestanding or desktop version. It features a computer with an integrated touch screen, barcode scanner (or optional RFID card reader), receipt printer and an RFID reading pad and instruction insert.

Key functions available to users of the Loan Station include:

  • Scan and authenticate patron
  • Barcode (optional password / pin for payment accounts)
  • Manual ID and Password entry using on screen key board
  • Display summary information on login
  • Borrow items
  • Enhanced Borrow Items
  • Return items
  • View account status
  • Renew items
  • View reservations
  • Administration (System administration, encoding tags, checking tags, close program, shut down computer, secure remote)
  • Several choices of workflows
  • Language options
  • Offline mode
  • Increase/decrease font size
  • Runs on Envoy software that is customizable, intuitive, engaging and designed to encourage patron self service and return visits to your library