FE Technologies is proud to announce the unveiling of the V6 Self Loan Station at ALA 2024 in San Diego. Elevate your library experience with the cutting-edge V6 that surpasses the V5 standard by embodying both sophistication and essential features demanded by modern libraries. Designed using the same design engineering firm that created the Envoy Software Ux , the V6 is designed to sustain a future-proof solution, ensuring a seamless transition for libraries towards modern technology. 

FE Technologies’ decades of unrivaled experience since 2007 are reflected in the V6, which guarantees to meet and exceed industry expectations. The V6 Self Loan Station delivers a 100% self-service experience powered by a robust computer capable of running the Envoy Software. It provides advanced tools to enhance library circulation using Syndetics Unbound. 

The V6 offers open integrations enabling libraries to enjoy a wide array of software functionalities, including payments, printing, PC reservations, ebooks, and OPAC integration. The V6+Envoy combination guarantees adaptability for future-proof libraries, keeping them ahead of evolving technological trends without compromising functionality. 

The V6’s intuitive design and seamless self-service capabilities deliver more than just operational efficiency; it elevates the patron experience to achieve a higher level of patron satisfaction. Invest in the V6 Self Loan Station from FE Technologies for a new era of library efficiency, reliability, and sophistication. 

FE Technologies proudly announces the revolutionary V6 Self Loan Station, setting a new standard for library technology. Be a part of this transformative library technology and unlock its potential today.