Display Reservation Locker

ADA Compliant

Add more locker banks when needed.

Both top and bottom row are accessible.

More lockers in a small footprint.

With visual view the loading is faster.

The FE Technologies Display Reservation Locker allows reservations to be collected at a remote location up to 24 hours a day.

The Locker system allows up to 80 items to be stored in a standard locker. Each locker has a transparent door making the contents visible; that makes the loading and management of the lockers efficient for library staff. Each locker has its own electronic lock.

A non standard locker is also available with different locker sizes allowing multiple items to be placed in a single locker and oversize lockers for large books.

The lockers also have an inbuilt returns bin for patrons to return items.

  • The patron scans their membership card
  • If the patron has any reserevations the patron can select remove items.
  • The locker with the reservation items automatically opens.
  • The patron removes the item and closes the locker.
  • The locker automatically updates the loan to the ILS via SIP2.

All of the library’s business rules such as borrowing restrictions, length of loan, etc are followed during the transaction.