Laptop and Tablet Dispenser

The FE Technologies Laptop/Tablet Dispenser is an innovative way for you to give your patrons access to high value electronic devices that is completely self-service.  The Laptop/Tablet dispenser stores your laptops and tablets that are available for use to your patrons.  The system is secure and simple to use, and can be operated completely unattended, leaving your staff free to provide more high value customer service instead.

Patrons scan their membership card and interact with the intuitive touchscreen to borrow the selected item.  An optional payment facility is also available.  Patrons return the laptop or tablet by simply sliding the unit back into its slot where it will have any additional loaded software automatically deleted and will be taken back to its “home” state.  It will also be automatically charged.

The item will be removed from the patron’s account, and show it has been returned.  An optional receipt is produced.
What’s more, FE Technologies completely manages your security and the “wiping” of each device after use.
Each device is automatically wiped of any additional software once it is returned using (optional) Deepfreeze technology. The library chooses and controls the local software image.

Libraries can choose from 6-bay or 12-bay Host “Starter” Laptop Dispensing Stations.
These are modular and expandable, so as your library’s requirements grow so can the stations – 12 or 18-bay add-on stations are also available.  The units are extremely space-efficient and designed to be both highly visible and have a small footprint.

The Laptop Dispender is only available in the Australia, New Zealand. In North America please contact Laptops Anytime.