Curbside Checkout for Libraries

The Librarian Rover allows library staff to circulate items from any location using a cell phone; the perfect solution for curbside circulation without losing RFID security integrity. To support libraries post-COVID, FE Technologies are offering the Librarian Rover for FREE in USA, UK, Australasia and Singapore until December 2020.

Curbside checkout is fast becoming a requirement especially with libraries wanting to service patrons from unusual places which often are not in the library building. FE Technologies recommends the use of its Librarian Rover product. The Librarian Rover is a librarian-facing app that allows library staff to checkout items using RFID and that also maintains RFID security. The app automatically sends an email receipt at the end of the transaction.

The Librarian Rover also allows libraries to build and service model that requires remote circulation. Libraries can easily support circulation at Pop Up Libraries, Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities.