Counting down the sleeps to the ALA 2019 Conference

We’re getting excited about meeting you at the upcoming American Library Association’s 2019 Annual Conference in Washington DC on June 20 – 25, 2019.

If you’re considering radio-frequency identification devices (RFID) to increase library security and visitor convenience we’d love to whet your appetite with a few features, we think you’ll love.

Smart Bin

The FE Technologies Smart Bin is a unique multiple-item bin for book returns which has some unique features.

Patented reading algorithm

The Smart Bin uses a patented reading algorithm which can simultaneously receive multiple items with the only constraint being the 600-item bin size.

An ideal feature for libraries who experience a large volume of returns in a short space of time.

This technology is also sophisticated enough to read multiple RFID tags as they’re placed in the bin. As items are dropped into the bin they are automatically checked-in, their sorting condition is stored, and their security status is changed from off to on.

Automated platform

The Smart Bin has an automated platform which automatically lifts or lowers as more or less items are placed on the platform.

The sheer beauty of this is library staff never have to reach into the bottom of the bin or bend to retrieve any items.

The bin is internally operated by an automatic lift which is built in such a way it also reduces the wear and tear on books.

Within its range of motion, the Smart Bin is also self-levelling and as it’s being filled or emptied the platform automatically moves items to the lip of the bin for easy access.

Sort Assistant

The Smart Bin can be linked to FE Technologies Sort Assistant Software to simplify the returns process.

This software presents a color-coded representation of sorting destinations to speed up the returns room sorting process.

The Sort Assistant pad will advise the library staff whether the item should be returned to the shelve, is on hold for someone, or needs to be returned to another library.  The software can be configured to produce hold and transit slips identical to those produced by the Libraries existing LMS.

Each of these conveniences have been made specifically with the librarian in mind.

Technical Specifications

  • Power input: 120 V AC 50/60 Hz, 2.5 A max.
  • Network connection: A network connection is required for the Smart Bin
  • Integration with LMS:  Uses SIP2

Today RFID technology is utilized by many of the major library systems across the globe. If you have an interest in discussing the conveniences of RFID technology book in for an informal chat with one of our team members.

Meet us at the American Library Association’s 2019 Annual Conference from June 20 – 25, 2019

FE Technologies will be represented and discussing topics such as innovation, the library of the future, transformation, emerging trends, best practices and community engagement.


Advance registration closes on June 15. A letter of confirmation will be sent by email once your full payment has been received. Make sure to print a copy of your registration confirmation and bring it with you for your records.