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The Benefits of a Digital Library Card

A Digital Library Card eliminates the need for  physical cards, and allows you to access library services with a simpler, secure, and faster digital alternative. With a Digital Library Card, you can quickly and easily access library services such as borrowing items, renewing materials, and accessing library resources. Your Digital Library Card is always on hand and ready to go – stored in the wallet of any digital phone.

There is no need for patrons to download an app – it uses the patrons existing wallet that is on their mobile device.

How it Works

Getting a Digital Library Card is easy! Existing patrons can upload their Digital Library Card by simply scanning a 2D barcode and then scanning their library card. The system authenticates the patrons by using the PIN number from the Integrated Library System (ILS). New patrons can download their library card from an email sent by the library. Patrons authenticate with the Integrated Library System (ILS) using their PIN number. When near a Self Loan Station, the Digital Library Card appears as a notification on the patron’s phone and produces a barcode that allows patrons to use the Self Loan Station in the library to borrow items.

Get Your Digital Library Card Now

Don’t delay, get your Digital Library Card now. With a Digital Library Card, you can access all the library services you need with the convenience and security of a digital alternative. Get your Digital Library Card now and start enjoying the benefits of a digital library card.

When near a self loan station a notification will appear on the patron’s phone, they simply click it to access their library card.

Case Study

Wyndham City Council


Wyndham City is one of Australia’s fastest-growing councils. Since 2016, the council has grown by 34% from 217,000 to the current level of 290,000 and is predicted to grow to top 500,000 in the future.
They recently adopted FE Technologies Digital Library Card solution and are now able to offer new and existing patrons an easy way to download a library card and borrow items.

How it works

The Digital Library Card was an initiative that we implemented to reduce barriers for our customers to join and use the library, and to allow customers to make environmentally conscious decisions and skip the plastic membership card.

The process we followed was simple: Customers can scan a QR code in branch to get a digital card, visit their My Account in the library catalogue, or opt to receive one immediately on joining up.


We’ve had positive feedback from the community about this change so far. The main benefit will be once we offer customers the choice to opt out of a physical card entirely. This change is expected to happen over the next month. This will prevent lost membership cards, save customers money (from lost cards), and reduce our footprint.

After joining up, patrons can use their digital card for borrowing at the library, book locker, and all other library services.

A Simple, Secure Way to Access Your Library

Find Out How Easy It Is To Get Your Digital Library Card

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