BYOD - Patron Mobile Checkout App

FE Technologies offers any library already using FE Technologies security gates a FREE Patron Mobile App published for your library until December 2020. THis offer is made to support the library community provide an alternative to our Touchfree workflow on our Self-Loan Stations

The FE Technologies Patron Mobile Checkout let patrons check out library items using their own mobile device. They simply select the Borrow Book button to start, and a barcode scanning feature comes into play.  They can then scan the item barcode and the item is instantly checked out to the patron, and the patron can exit the library without triggering the Security Gates.

The RFID security is managed by a whitelist that determines if an item has been checked out or not and alarms the gates if the item has not been checked out and is not on the whitelist.

Patrons are also able to renew items and get live updates on their reservations/holds.