Virginia Beach Public Library Staff created this video to announce the new features available from their new FE Technologies V5 Self Loan stations. 

Virginia Beach Public Library

Virginia Beach Public Library have a shared facility where the Public Library shares a physical library with Tidewater Community College. This unique situation required the FE Technologies Self Loan Station to be able to communicate with two disparate ILS while making this transparent to Public Library Patrons and College Students who can borrow items from any of the collections.

Virginia Beach Public Library

It’s been ten years since FE Technologies first installed its RFID equipment at Geelong Regional Libraries and continue to supply the libraries with various RFID products and services.
Geelong Regional Libraries is one of the largest library groups in Victoria and has a huge circulation rate. FE Technologies has worked with Geelong Regional Libraries to develop various products and services, in particular the Secure External Return Chute that gives the libraries the peace of mind of a completely robust and secure chute for 24/7 returns by patrons.

Geelong Regional Libraries

The City of Wanneroo recently installed the FE Technologies V5 Self Loan Stations – chosen for their unique LED halo and customisable software. Wanneroo Libraries has achieved its goal of reducing the time staff spend on the menial job of checking out items, giving them the time to conduct more high value roles within the library. The libraries now enjoy a self loan rate of approximately 80%. Patrons benefit from having a better user experience in the library, with staff available to assist with computers, printing, research, and children’s activities.

City of Wanneroo Public Libraries

The Sort Assistant is the centerpiece to the Wyndham Libraries’ returns rooms. It’s accompanied by Secure External Returns Chutes, Internal Return Chutes and Smart Bins. Patrons return items from outside and inside the library and they fall into the Smart Bins where they are checked into the Library Management System.
The library’s returns process is highly efficient, virtually error-free, and gives Wyndham Library Service a threefold benefit:

  • Increased staff efficiency and value
  • Improved patron experience
  • Better item circulation

Wyndham City Libraries

Yarra Libraries have incorporated the Patron Mobile Checkpout on their library app. With the patron mobile checkout the patron  scans the barcode with their camera and the item is checked with the RFID security  seamlessly turned off. Easy…….

FE Technologies recently installed an 11-bin Automatic Sorter at the University of Sydney with three ingress points including two patron return points and a staff return point.

University of Sydney Library from FE Technologies on Vimeo.

The University of Sydney