Sorting Modules

Automatic Sorter – Sorting Module
The Sorting Module is a fully automated sorting unit designed to operate unattended. It is capable of transporting items at a rate more than  2000 items an hour.  The transportation rollers are made up of robust rubber strips and pop-up rubber rollers which send items forwards, backwards, left or right, depending on the configuration. Sensors monitor items as they pass and control the speed and direction of the movement of each item. As items are read, their sort destination is instantly determined and the items is sent to the appropriate bin or trolley. The system features customisable software with a huge range of sorting algorithms available, minimising staff handling requirements. A modular design offers the best functionality on the market within virtually any space confinement and has an extremely small footprint. The low noise operation of the sorter modules allows for a pleasant working space around the sorter.

When idle, the sorter modules enter sleep mode, preserving energy and minimizing carbon footprint.