Library Sorter - Bins & Trolleys

Sorter Bins, Totes and Trolleys

The Automatic Sorter has a range of bin options available:
Premium Spring-Loaded Sorter Bin – a value for money premium spring-loaded bin that has a base that lowers when it becomes full and raises as items are taken out of the bin to reduce the amount of bending and lifting that needs to be performed by library staff. The bin has a reliable 60kg spring that ensures staff do not have to bend forward to remove items from the bin. (Standard spring loaded bins have a 20kg spring.)

Ergo cart – The Ergo Cart is specifically designed to reduce the effort involved in reshelving. It eliminates the step of moving books from sorter bins and onto shelving trolleys. Each cart locks into place into the Automatic Sorter for and automatically recharges its on-board power supply. During the sorting operation items are placed in the book cart with their spine facing outwards to ease the reading of the book titles during re-shelving. As books are sorted to the cart, the bottom shelf begins to automatically drop minimizing the distance the next sorted item must drop. Gentle discharge of the items is thereby assured. Once the cart is full, an indicator lamp is automatically illuminated to indicate that the cart needs to be replaced.

To reduce the amount of effort required to move an individual cart, an ergonomic frame was designed with low rolling resistance wheels requiring only a minimal amount of force to move the book cart. Once at the appropriate re-shelving point, the wheels can be locked in place and the bookshelf raised to waist height. This eliminates any unnecessary bending or lifting by the staff.

The Ergo Volume – is an ergonomic cart for bulk collection and reshelving of returned library materials.

The Ergo Volume’s narrow design allows the container to fit into the same docking position as the Ergo Cart, while boosting the library’s storage capabilities.

As employees restock shelves, the floor of the Ergo Volume automatically raises to waist height, eliminating the need for employees to bend over to reach items and minimizing the physical stress of lifting heavy items. The Ergo Volume also features locking wheels and manually adjustable spring tension to compensate for items of varying weight. The raising and lowering of the trolley is spring controlled.

The Tote Shelf Volume – is an ergonomic shelf that allows a library tote to be automatically loaded directly from the sorter. This minimises the double handling of items and streamlines the logistics of the library courier service.