Patron Return Unit

Library Mate 2100
If the library wishes to have a touchscreen patron interaction at the points of return, FE Technologies proposes the installation of a LibraryMate 2100 unit. This option requires patrons to return items one at a time.

The LibraryMate 2100 is highly robust and designed specifically to withstand outdoor weather conditions. It features a steel and aluminium front and a high-quality touch screen.

The door protects the induction interior and the library from the weather and unauthorized objects. The door is opened by identifying a RFID tag in a library item. The touchscreen interface guides patrons through the returns process with easy to follow images and animations. A range of languages are available with easy to read fonts and voice guidance. Items are returned one at a time and automatically checked back in to the LMS, removing the items from the patron’s account. An optional receipt is provided.

The LibraryMate 2100 feeds all the returned items into the automatic sorting component.

The Sorting module and bins are the same as described above.

Library Mate 1200
Alternatively, you can install an internal ingress. The LibraryMate 1200 is designed for internal use. It features an intuitive touchscreen interface. Patrons return items one at a time and they are automatically checked into the LMS and removed from the patrons account. An optional receipt is produced. The unit feeds returned items into the automatic sorting component.


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