Automated Materials Handling

Sorter Use Cases

Central Sorter

The FE Technologies Bookmatic Automated Materials Handling System is a fully scalable system that allows  libraries to build a central sorting system that sorts items into as many bins that can fit in the sorting facility. Shown is an image of a central sorter with 120 sort destinations. Libraries can reduce manual handling of items by sorting into multiple destinations.  With a fine sort libraries can receive holds and items to be reshelved in pre-sorted totes.

Libraries have the flexibility of staff return units and bins.

Branch Sorter

The FE Technologies Bookmatic Branch Sorter gives patrons the convenience of self service returns through  patron induction units. The Bookmatic system offers a choice of both internal or external return units. The library is also able to use a variety of bins to minimize manual handling required to get items off the sorter and back onto the shelves. There are also options for branches to easily prepare items in totes directly off the sorter.

The library can also include staff return units.

Efficiency Options - Getting Items Off The Sorter

Stacking Cart

The stacking cart is a battery powered cart that uses a motor to convert from the vertically angled receiving mode to a shelving trolley mode. The receiving mode of the stacking cart is specially designed to work with high speed sorters without having items sorted to the cart toppling over. The topple free design of the stacking cart makes the Bookmatic stacking cart librarian friendly requiring minimal attention to getting a cart onto the library floor for the reshelving of items.

The stacking cart automatically recharges when attached to the sorter.

Box Stacker

The box stacker allows libraries to simplify the physical loading and unloading of totes on a sorter. This simplification results in less manual handling required to be able to both load and unload totes. Dollies supplied with the box stacker also make the movement of totes easy.

The box stacker enhances the manual handling efficiencies of totes in a library environment and is especially useful on busy central sorters.

Electric Bin

The FE Technologies Bookmatic electric bin comes in two different sizes that fits the two differnt sized sorting tables of 500mm and 650mm. (The sorting tables can be mixed and matched as required by the library.) The electric bins are battery operated and are recharged while the automatic electric bin is attached to the sorter in receive mode. The bin has two modes – “receive” – where the optical eye automatically lowers the base of the bin as it is filled and -“empty” where the optical eye raises the base of the bin so that the top book is just below the lip of the bin. These automatic functions both protect items by minimizing the length of the fall when it is filling and reduces the effort library staff have to exert emptying the bin as items are always at the top.

Spring Bins

Spring bins are mechanical bins that use either steel springs or commercial-grade rubber bands to raise and lower the base of the bin based on the weight of the bin. FE Technologies provides ongoing support of mechanical bins by replacing either the springs or rubber bands – dependant on the type of bin being used.

The spring bins are mounted on wheels and can be easily wheeled around the library. FE Technologies recommends spring bins as an entry level bin.

Feeding The Sorter

Staff Induction Unit

The FE Technologies Bookmatic staff induction units are used by library staff to inject books into the sorter. They are high speed devices and come in two forms. The standard is a fixed height staff induction unit and the height adjustable version features a height adjustable induction. The height adjustable unit can be set at the most ergonomic height for different staff members.

Both induction units come with a screen.

Custom Internal Unit

The FE Technologies Bookmatic Automated Materials Handling System offers two ‘families’ of patron induction units. The first is the custom internal unit that is normally supplied with a face plate. It can be supplied without the face plate when installation is required on a bench. The induction is fast, and colored lights as well as screen prompts provide a simple user experience.

The unit comes standard with a large-rolled kiosk receipt printer and a 22inch screen. An optional flap can be installed for libraries that want complete security.

C15 External or Internal Option

The FE Technologies Bookmatic C15 return unit can be used as both an internal or external unit. In the outdoor version a 1500nits monitor used so that screen visbility outdoors is not diminished by the bright sun. In the indoor version a standard 22inch high definition touch screen is used.

The C15 can also be fitted with an optional motorized flap that controls the returning of items and provides a higher level of security. Opening the flap can be done by reading the RFID tag in any item being returned. The C15 comes standard with a full rolled kiosk printer.

Bookmatic Sorter Brochure

Bins and Carts Brochure

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