Automated Materials Handling

FE Technologies offer libraries  reliable and efficient sorters to help libraries with both branch level and central sorter solutions. The automatic sorters feature a gentle belt and roller transportation and highly effective sorting system that can be configured and maintained by the library itself. We’re excited to be able to combine our Research and Development experience with the materials handling experience of Lyngsoe to offer libraries the very best solution for automatic sorting.

FE Technologies has the resources of our own in-house research and development laboratory along with years of experience in delivering complex materials handling solutions, so we are in an ideal position to tailor each solution as required.

Sorter Component

Sorter Modules


The Sorter AMH features reliable belt and roller sorter tables that are easily configured and maintained by the library. The sorter tables have vertical sensors that allow the sorting of even thin items, and can be easily maintained with easy belt and roller replacement.

Patron Return - External

The Sorter AMH also offers a highly robust external patron return that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. The front features a steel and aluminium construction and a high-quality touch screen. Items are returned one at a time and automatically checked back in to the LMS, removing the items from the patron’s account.

Patron Return - Internal

The Sorter AMH also offers an internal patron return with an intuitive touchscreen interface. Items are returned one at a time and automatically checked back in to the LMS, removing the items from the patron’s account.

Staff Return


The Sorter AMH also offers an induction point with built-in conveyor to the Sort modules and is dedicated for use by staff. It features touch operation and is height adjustable by the user.

Sorter Bins, Totes & Trolleys

We understand the challenge of sorting and transporting books, magazines and other library materials. Our Sorter Bins, Totes & Trolleys are designed to make your job easier.

Premium Spring-Loaded Sorter Bin –is a cost-effective solution that makes it easy to transfer materials from shelves to sorter bins and back again. Its base lowers when the bin is filled and raises as items are taken out, reducing the amount of bending and lifting that needs to be done by library staff.

Electric Ergo Bin –say goodbye to bending over your library tray and hello to the Ergo Bin. This battery-powered ergonomic bin has sensors that allow its base to automatically raise and lower as you fill it, making it easier for you to pick up, store and transport library materials. Its large volume means you can transport large amounts of books in one trip to be reshelved.

Ergo Cart – is designed to save you time and effort when reshelving materials. With the push of a button, it changes from a cart into a shelving trolley using battery power, so you don’t have to move books from sorter bins to shelving trolleys.

Tote Shelf – is an ergonomic shelf that makes it easy to sort items for transportation to other branches. This minimises the double handling of items and streamlines the library’s courier service.

FE Technologies Space-Saver Singulator : Eliminate extra work for library staff

Multi-item return device

Our Singulator at FE Technologies is a genuine multi-item return device, with no restrictions on the amount of items returned at a time. Advanced engineering ensures all items are fed one-by-one into the sorting module to be sorted, giving library staff maximum efficiency when processing returns.

Feedback Mechanism

The FE Technologies Space-Saver Singulator’s feedback mechanism returns un-separated items back into the singulator, ensuring efficient operation with minimal extra work required by library staff.