The core of FE Technologies team has been together since the company inception and has been strengthened with the addition of multi talented and diverse people. Learn about them here.

Andrew Powell


Andrew Powell is the Director of the company . Andrew has several years’ experience in management and production, and extensive experience in RFID technology especially during FE Technologies fledgling days.  Andrew steers the operations of the company towards greater efficiencies and enhanced productivity. As leader of the Customer Care Centre he also has a strong commitment to delivering outstanding customer service and a focus on giving his team the tools they need to meet KPIs and customer SLAs. Andrew’s background in engineering and his close proximity to the strategic management of our larger customers makes him an excellent managerial resource for our customers.

Peter Ferendinos

Director of Sales

A graduate in Computer Science and Cost and Management Accounting from Rhodes University. Peter’s focused and driven management of the sales and marketing team since inception has seen FE Technologies gain a strong foothold Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Peter leads a sales and marketing team that is focused on job specialization which has led to huge efficiencies in our sales process, which in turn leads to real win-win in delivering relevant RFID solutions to libraries. Peter and his sales team work with new customers to fine tune the product offering, conditions of contract and delivery. 

Scotty Gage

VP Sales – USA

Scotty is based in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area where FE Technologies have set up their US based sales office. Scotty has over 20 years sales experience with many in the library space. 

His extensive knowledge of US libraries along with a technical aptitude that embraces all aspects of RFID technology will help to spearhead FE Technologies’ foray into the US market. Scotty will be directly responsible for sales in North America and moving forward will manage a team of staff in the region.

Avin Lee

China Channel Manager

Avin has business development and marketing experience and has worked for FE Technologies for many years, so he has a high level of product knowledge. Avin’s key focus is the Chinese market and developing strong relationships with our parent company, Invengo, along with other Chinese partners. Avin is fluent in Mandarin and spends considerable time in China, where developing an excellent understanding of Chinese public and university libraries.

Benjamin Audibert

European Channel Manager

Benjamin’s technical knowledge and detailed understanding of libraries’ requirements has seen him create an outstanding sales record during his years at FE Technologies, and he has managed several large and complex public and university library sales. Benjamin divides his time between Europe and North America where he is focussed on growing FE Technologies in these competitive markets.

Jarred Steenvoorden

Research and Development Manager

Jarred heads up the FE Technologies Research and Development Team and is behind our innovative software across our entire suite of RFID equipment. Jarred and his team are responsible for developing new software, including enhancements, new features and bug fixes.

Software developer using C# on Microsoft Dot Net, HTML, Java, PHP, MySQL.

Develops Web applications and point of sale software. Jarred leads the concept through to market process for the team for new products.

Esada Plecic

Business Development Executive, Australia

Esada has 20+ years experience in sales and marketing in a wide range of industries. Esada has a proven understanding of the nature of libraries and an in-depth knowledge of the FE Technologies suite of RFID products. Esada has had considerable success with sales in both the public and education sectors. Esada specialises in tailoring an RFID solution to suit each individual library’s unique requirements.

TG Ler

South East Asia Channel Manager

TG is based in Singapore and has over 20 years experience working for RFID companies. He has an excellent understanding of product development, product innovation and product localisation, with a particular focus on inventory management and stocktake. TG is the face of FE Technologies in South East Asia and leads a strong sales presence in the region.

Kylie Moss

Operations Manager

Kylie brings 10 years’ quality assurance and auditing experience to her role. She works closely with the CEO to ensure high level operational KPIs are adhered to. Kylie is available to transitioning libraries during business hours. Kylie coordinates the installation and training for each new RFID customer and liaises with key stakeholders at the library throughout the transition process. Kylie will be the main point of contact throughout the project phase with will be available to the library fulltime (during business hours) until final sign-off.

Cynan McWilliam

Support Manager

Cynan is an integration specialist with 18 years of experience across Asia Pacific. Recently returning from a ten year in Hong Kong providing sales and technical support for Post Production and Broadcast customers across Asia. Prior to that he had similar postings in Bangkok and Wellington. He brings extensive workflow, networking and technical knowledge to the team. Cynan heads up the team and is a point of escalation for any unresolved issues.

Jason da Costa

Finance Manager

Jason’s background in finance management at one of Australia’s largest corporates sees him well-positioned to drive FE Technologies’ financial success. Jason has a wealth of experience in high level accounting activities, and is responsible for the maintenance of strategic relationships with suppliers and other vendors. Jason is at the helm of FE Technologies Finance Department and manages accounts payable/receivable activities, payroll, audit activities, and works closely with the rest of the Management Team to ensure healthy growth and profit for the company.

Clint Agustsson

Hardware Development Manager

Clint has 15 years IT experience and has hands on involvement in the development of the FE Technologies Library system. Clint heads up the Hardware Team in the R&D lab. Clint is often a point of contact for escalated work tickets that require development work, and is also in charge of the creation of new products and enhancements.

Clint’s and his team are responsible for hardware development and enhancement, compatibility and software integration. Clint has a particular expertise in automated materials handling.


FE Technologies has grown from 2007 into the most successful supplier of library RFID products in Australasia. Our research and development facility has been at the heart of our growth in RFID technology and we have developed an innovative range of library RFID products. We now employ some 30 staff from the Greater Geelong region across a range of roles from R&D, to sales and marketing, technical support and customer service.

Based in Geelong, Victoria, FE Technologies has its roots as a printing company dating back to the 1920s. In 2005 we started to talk to Australian libraries and discovered there was a need for a value for money library RFID solution that really worked. We set about developing a suite of library RFID products that make every process in the library more efficient, from loans and returns to security and stocktake. In 2007 we won our first library RFID contract and now boast over 500 library groups comprising more than 1000 sites across USA, UK, Europe, Australasia and South East Asia. Our in-house Research and Development Department that is dedicated solely to Library RFID-based R&D has allowed us to keep pace with the changing trends of the library market and to lead the way with new library products and solutions.

In 2014 FE Technologies became part of Invengo International, a world-renowned RFID company that is a research and development powerhouse for RFID. We  now team our Geelong-based Research and Development Team with the Invengo laboratory to develop some truly innovative library RFID products.


FE Technologies - Giving Back

Give Where You Live is a volunteer-led non-profit organisation that leads, supports, and participates in collective, inclusive community efforts that build capacity and mobilise resources to improve lives and create positive, long term social change in the Geelong region.

FE Technologies supports this charity by facilitating voluntary payroll donations by staff.

FE Technologies has we have a strong corporate focus on social and environmental sustainability. We encourage a work ethic in our employees that includes charity and support for local communities. Our activities in these areas include:

  • Facilitating employee payroll contributions to local charity “Give Where You Live” that assists disadvantaged people in our local region through a range of initiatives including education, housing, social services, childcare and health services.
  • Sponsorship of a reading/literacy initiative each year (most recently the “Summer Reading Challenge” for Selwyn Library in New Zealand)
  • Support for local university students with employment and internships for engineering and IT students

FE Technologies - Australian Packaging Covenant

FE Technologies has an Environmental Policy and as an organisation we focus on ways to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact where possible, as well as general employee safety and wellbeing. Our activities in these areas include:

  • Recycling end of life equipment including resale/reuse or repurposing components where possible
  • Installation of low energy lighting solutions throughout the premises
  • Reusable delivery packaging for most equipment
  • Optional adjustable stand-up desks to encourage staff to stand for some of the day for health reasons
  • Facilitating health insurance payments via payroll
  • Comprehensive and audited safety plans, policy and procedures
  • Company-paid flu vaccinations

FE Technologies is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO) . APCO is a co-regulatory, not-for-profit organisation that partners with government and industry to reduce the harmful impact of packaging on the Australian environment.

Click here to view our 2019 packaging annual report and action plan.